FDA Approves Constipation Drug PEGylated Naloxol

FDA has approved AstraZeneca’s Movantik for opioid-induced constipation in adults with chronic non-cancer pain. Movantik (naloxegol), an oral once-a-day treatment originally developed by Nektar Therapeutics, can decrease the constipating effects of opioids. The drug’s safety and effectiveness were established in two clinical trials.

Naloxegol is PEGylated naloxol, which is a peripherally-selective opioid antagonist. It is a PEGylated small molecule drug with a circulation half-life of 6-11 hours and it is primarily excreted through the feces and urine. Its structure contains a methoxy capped heptaethylene glycol (mPEG7) conjugated to naloxol through an ether linkage.
Molecular formula: C33H51NO11
Molecular weight: 637.758
Creative PEGWorks supplies a large collection of monodisperse polyethylene glycol derivatives and PEG reagents. Our PEG compounds have all common organic reactive functional groups that can be directly conjugated to small molecule drugs, proteins, and other biologic drugs for the development of better medicine.
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2 Responses to FDA Approves Constipation Drug PEGylated Naloxol

  1. Brad J Wilson says:

    PEG really works! Good work, PEGWorks team!

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